Handmade Keto Foods

Our Keto Preserves and Pantry Stuffers Have Low Carbs / Low Sugars / Big Flavours / Natural Ingredients.

We Don't Use Preservatives and Chemical Junk - Just Real, Actual Fruits, Vegetables, Natural Gums and Fibres, Good Quality Oils, Vinegars and whole spices. All Products Apart From The Two Butter Curds Are Completely Vegan.

The Naughty Corner

Hot Lemon Chutney

The favourite love child between sour candies and a bowl of chillis - NOT Keto but you dont need much Buy It Here

Elderflower collage- Glam jams & Cordials

Elderflower Lovers

Yes we still make this primo cordial - its definately NOT Keto but I know there are some fans out there so click here to find them Small Size

Get Some Glam Love

The most popular product we do by far has got to be Passion Butter Curd. It's terrific as a spread, for Keto baking, deserts, slices, on a Pavlova, with chocolate or to top a cheesecake.

But at the end of the day you don't need to overthink it either. For a bit of instant gratification you can't beat, grab some Greek yoghurt, a dollop of curd and a spoon - perfect!

Available in four sizes 100-1000g


Spicey Kasundi

Beautiful, Bold Low Carb Sauce for Spice Lovers. Tonnes of Tomatoes, Chilli, Garlic, Ginger, Roasted Cumin, Turmeric, Mustard Seed and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

This bad boy is righteous with everything as a chutney, on a cracker, on the side of a curry, use as a poaching sauce (chicken or fish fillet, paneer and courgette chunks good too) or swirl with a couple of blobs of sour cream and use as an instant veggie bake sauce and top with cheese.

Four sizes - Small, Regular, Large And XXL