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Turmeric and Kawakawa Kraut
Turmeric and Kawakawa Kraut

Turmeric and Kawakawa Kraut

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Wild fermented, raw sauerkraut full of probiotic gut happy goodness.

This Kraut is the digestion 'go to'. It has a gentler flavour and has the added benefit of turmeric and kawakawa which both have awesome anti inflammatory properties. One of the most popular Farmers' Market best selling sauerkrauts.

......and its very yellow

                       ...........I like yellow


Regular 230g or Large-ish 390g Size


INGREDIENTS: cabbage 95%, pink rock salt, kawakawa, turmeric, yellow mustard seed, mild chilli, pepper.



         Per 13g serve       Per 100g

Energy              11kj            86kj

Protein              0.2g           1.3g

Fat, total            0.0g            0.0g

- saturated        0.0g            0.0g

Carbs                 0.2g           1.5g

-Sugars              0.2g           1.3g

Sodium             81mg          624mg