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Blueberry Compote - small - Glam Jams and Cordials

Blueberry Compote-Small

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Calling all blueberry know how blueberries are yum and good for you, right ? Well this blueberry spread is dark and delicious, no added sugar, vegan, and quite frankly mostly blueberries !

What do you do with it I hear you say? Well as a jam on your toast or on top of a stack of fresh pancakes, or anywhere you need sweet natural fruitiness without the sugar.

I just made the kids breakfast smoothies with banana, a couple of spoonfuls of Blueberry Compote and a few weetbix crumbled in with it. My kids are'nt vegan so I used regular milk and greek yoghurt, but you can always use almond milk and plain coconut yoghurt instead.

Store Compote chilled for 6 weeks, it is also freezable for 12 months. 
100g Small-ish size.


Blueberries 85%, lemon, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract with yeast fermented erythritol), citrus pectin and guar gum.

Nutritional Info:
avg  quantities:   per 13g serve   per 100 g 
energy  35kj 266kj 
protein 0.1g 0.6g
fat-total 0g 0.1g
fat-saturated 0g 0g
carbohydrates 1.6g 12.3g
    -sugars 1.5g 11.4g
sodium 1mg 8mg