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Raw Sauerkraut - Coleslaw - Glam Jams' Ferments
Raw Sauerkraut - Close up Coleslaw- Glam Jams' Ferments

Coleslaw Kraut - Large Size

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Wild fermented, raw sauerkraut full of probiotic gut happy goodness.

This one eventuated from a big batch of coleslaw for the fam. and thought to myself "dang that wouldn't be bad fermented", so I did.

Cabbage (of course), carrot, red onion and celery. Mellow flavour for a raw Kraut - tastes like a tangy coleslaw but with all the gut goodies. 

Order here or contact us to find out what's up next.Various flavours available with each set of ferments - just to keep it interesting !

Large-ish Size 390g