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Goldies Keto Porridge Pots

Goldies Keto Porridge Pots

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Porridge Pots

Goldies range of Keto Porridge Pots are all refined-sugar free (sweetened with monk fruit), low carb, gluten free, high in fibre, high in protein, high in healthy fat and plant-based. 

Best of all, these convenient grab-and-go single serve tubs only take 60 seconds to prepare. Just add hot water, wait one minute and voila...your hearty breakfast awaits. Top with yoghurt, a few berries or some nuts or seeds if you like too! 

Please note: 3 x Mixed Flavours option is one of each by default - if you want to choose your own combo just msg on shop chat or leave a note at the checkout.



INGREDIENTS:  Coconut, almonds (19%), chia, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, cocoa, monk fruit.


        Per 41g serve      Per 100g

Energy            857kj         2020kj

Protein              8.0g          18.9g

Fat, total           15.5g        36.5g

- saturated        2.1g           4.9g

Carbs                3.6g           8.5g

-Sugars             1.6g           3.8g

Sodium           16mg         38mg



INGREDIENTS:  Coconut (39%), LSA (almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds), chia seeds, passionfruit powder (9%), monk fruit.


        Per 39g serve      Per 100g

Energy            706kj         1940kj

Protein              5.1g          13.9g

Fat, total           13.2g        36.4g

- saturated        6.4g          17.6g

Carbs                 2.8g           7.7g

-Sugars             1.7g           4.6g

Sodium             7mg         20mg



INGREDIENTS:   Coconut, walnuts, chia seeds, LSA (almonds, flax Seeds, sunflower seeds), carrot juice powder, cinnamon, ginger, monk fruit.


        Per 41g serve      Per 100g

Energy            670kj         1730kj

Protein              5.6g          14.4g

Fat, total           12.3g        31.8g

- saturated        1.5g           4.0g

Carbs                2.8g           7.2g

-Sugars             1.3g           3.2g

Sodium            6mg         17mg


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