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herb garlic pesto-small size- glam jam's savoury
Herb and Garlic Pesto-Vegan-Small Size

Herb and Garlic Pesto-Vegan-Small Size

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Green is good...and a bit spicey too. Flavourful foraged herb pesto that's Vegan - we haven't added any nuts either.....

An interesting combination of nasturtium, mint, lemon balm, garlic, peas, green olives, lemons, onion, capsicum, spices,  olive oil and organic wine vinegar.

No Added Sugar, Dairy and Nut free.

100g Small-ish (but just right) Size 

Peas, onion, organic white wine vinegar, nasturtium leaves and shoots 11%, green capsicum, organic green olives, olive oil, garlic 3%, lemon, rice wine vinegar, coriander, salt, cornflour(GF), lemon balm and mint 1%, cayenne, pepper.
 Nutritional Info:
avg  quantities:   per 13g serve   per 100 g 
energy  55kj 422kj 
protein 0.4g 2.9g
fat-total 1g 7.3g
fat-saturated 0.1g 1.0g
carbohydrates 0.5g 4.0g
    -sugars 0.3g 1.9g
sodium 58mg 444mg