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Lemon Coconut Curd - Glam Jams Kapiti
Lemon Coconut Curd - Glam Jams Kapiti

Lemon Coconut Curd

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Lemon Coconut Curd  | Keto Spread. Ok, so lemon curd normally has eggs, dairy and sugar - this one dose'nt.

Its a bummer if its these things you can't have, or choose not to have (especially if you are damn fond of lemon curd). Glam Jams Lemon Coconut Curd saves the day - smooth, creamy, lemony, coconutish and delicious, no added sugar and natural. Only 0.3g sugars per serve but it tastes wickedly rich and is entirely plant based. If you fancy doing a 3 am lemon curd craving session in your PJ's with a spoon - go for it with a clear conscience (as long as you don't get sprung !) If there's any left in the morning its pretty nice with coconut yoghurt for breakfast too.

Store Lemon Coconut Curd chilled for 2 months, it is also freezable for 12 months. 
Available in Small 100g or Regular 225g size.


Coconut kernel extract 44%, lemons 19%, pure coconut oil, extra virgin avocado oil, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract with yeast fermented erythritol), water, cornflour (GF), turmeric and guar gum.


Nutritional Info:
avg  quantities:   per 13g serve   per 100 g 
energy  91kj 698kj 
protein 0.2g 1.6g
fat-total 1.9g 14.8g
fat-saturated 1.7g 13g
carbohydrates 0.7g 5.6g
    -sugars 0.3g 2.4g
sodium 1mg 10mg