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Raspberry Compote - Reg - Glam Jams
Raspberry Compote - Small- Glam Jams

Raspberry Compote Spread

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Raspberry Compote Spread . Rich ruby coloured compote, excellent as a spread or dessert topping or pretty darn useful with keto baking. Only 0.8g natural sugars/carbs per serve, no rubbishy additives and absolutely chocka with raspberries.


Store Compote chilled for 2 months, it is also freezable for 12 months. 
Available in Small and Regular Sizes

Raspberries 82%, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract with yeast fermented erythritol), lemon, citrus pectin, guar gum and vanilla bean seeds.

 Nutritional Info:
avg  quantities:   per 13g serve   per 100 g 
energy  29.6kj 227kj 
protein 0.1g 1.0g
fat-total 0g 0.3g
fat-saturated 0g 0.1g
carbohydrates 0.8g 6.4g
    -sugars 0.8g 6.0g
sodium 0mg 1mg